Friday, September 12, 2008

Gates does good

I have to confess I thought the idea of using Seinfeld for Microsoft ads seemed a little less than exciting. I felt Seinfeld represented the wrong generation. Now that I've watched the ads I'm a convert. They are great entertainment and remarkably brave. They don't sell a product or promote an area of technology. They entertain and get you to connect with the brand. If you haven't seen the ads go to:

What is also clear from these ads is that were produced not for TV but for the Internet. The one I linked to above is perfect for YouTube. This is a great example of a brand taking advantage of a medium to do something different.


Daniel Young said...

I have mixed feelings about the ads. They are partly offensive and over indulgent; they demonstrate an obsession with money and fail to connect with the audience.

The publicity generated has been massive but not totally positive (all publicity is good etc...). The media placement cost for MS has been virtually zero - smart!

They've got people talking about MS and Vista.

They maybe have subliminal messages e.g. the old lady is Steve Jobs; 'she does everything' 'she's been hanging around for 12 years'.

Hopefully, they'll build into something that rivals Mac vs PC.

Tim Dyson, CEO of Next Fifteen said...

and yet now it seems they are to 'pull' these ads. Interestingly in this YouTube era you can't really pull an ad any more. Again, I tend to wonder if they had always viewed social media as the home for these ads anyway.

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This is a great example of a brand taking advantage of a medium to do something different.