Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The rise and fall of Sarah Palin

A few weeks ago Sarah Palin seemed like the ideal VP pick for the republicans. Her straight talk, family values and relative youth gave McCain an apparent answer to many of the weaknesses the democrats were touting. Then came the PR gaffes. In the weeks since she was unveiled she has made a string of mistakes and has essentially been withdrawn from the public eye. indeed NPR did a piece this morning questioning both her withdrawal and the few ways she was still getting in front of the media. Her interview, which was satirized on SNL, with Katie Couric was an absolute disaster. Indeed SNL added a few jokes but left many answers unchanged - it was that bad. You can't help but question, as NPR did this morning, why her advisors have chosen to shut her off from the short interviews that would normally be taking place at this stage in the campaign and then allow the longer interviews like the one with Couric where she struggles. Right now it would appear that she has gone from Republican saviour to pariah in just a few weeks. She could be saved if she does a good VP debate but I doubt it. She is not making any solo public appearances or attending fund raisers. Presumably she is using the time to prep for that debate. If she comes out of the debate badly she will have put a large hole in the republican campaign. It goes to show that in politics, as in business, a good presenter (which Paln is) goes only so far. You have to be a good interview. This means you have to do more than learn your lines. You also have to understand the subject matter and know the facts. On the latter it would seem someone should have given her a mock press interview before she was nominated.


Sandjar said...

That's interesting. I haven't seen the interview but heard quite a lot about it. What do you think about her gubernatorial debate "credentials"? The argument is that her charisma will trump any reasoning and knowledge of the subject matter.


Tim Dyson, CEO of Next Fifteen said...

i have heard she did very well in the gubernatorial debate so maybe she can recover from the Couric debacle. It will really come down to how tough the questions are and whether she gets pushed to really answer the question or simply deliver her desired message. if she can get away with the latter she will be fine.

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