Tuesday, June 13, 2006


This is hopefully not one of those posts that is designed to say "I read the Wall Street Journal today." Instead it is designed to add to your vocabulary a great new word that Jared Sandberg introduced through his column 'Cubicle Corner' today. The word was actually used in a quote by Harvard Graduate School professor, David Perkins. He was endorsing the general view of the column which is that most brainstorming is ineffective and that if anything you need people to think alone and then bring their ideas to a group - otherwise you get 'coblaberation.' While he doesn't specifically explain the word, it's pretty clear that he means you get a lot of people talking and nothing much happening. Does that sound like a PR brainstorm you've been in lately? Anyway, read the piece, it has some good observations that may help your next visit to the collective white board.