Friday, June 29, 2007

Facebook offers cheap polls

If you want to do a quick and cheap poll to see what 200 people think about something, you can add a tool, imaginatively called Polls to your Facebook page which allows you to ask some multiple choice questions, each of which will get up to 200 responses and each of which will cost up to $51. You can select age groups for your poll and to some degree demographics. It's hardly the most advanced tool in the world but it's pretty good. I just put out the question: "who does the best PR?" offering Cisco, Dell, Apple, Microsoft and Google as possible answers. On the day that Apple is launching the iPhone it is perhaps not surprising that Apple is so far in the lead with 38% of the vote. Dell is currently last with 0%. The tool is hardly perfect - in fact I tried to offer IBM as a potential answer in my poll and it said this answer had too many capitals, so I chose Dell rather than write ibm. Anyway - this maybe useful for PR folk out there doing pitches or when they want to give a client a more calibrated view on a subject.

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Daljit B said...

The polling application got my attention as well. As you say its still quite crude but it has the potential to become a very useful tool for PR purposes with a few tweaks.